The second five year plan- AS russian history edexcel

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The second five year plan- 1933-38
Met priorities in all cases BUT consumer goods
More realistic than 1st one
People still lying about production
Heavy industry
New industries
Consumer goods
More realistic targets
Modest achievements
Over fulfilled by 3%
Production of raw materials expanded
Output of steel trebled
Moscow metro lines 1935
Moscow- Volga canal 1932-37
1934- bread, meat & butter rationing ended, peasants allowed small plots to farm privately
Wage increase
Defence spending rose from 4% in 1933 to 17% to 17% in 1937
Little coordination between the different branches of industry
Scarcity of resources
Lack of spare parts- broken machinery remained idle & unproductive
Nobody prepared to criticise as could result in execution/exile = did not report errors/
suggest targets were unrealistic- lied about figures
Shortages of essential items- consumer goods
Outlawed private production of shows yet state ones were bad quality
No running water/sewage
Stark social inequalities


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