The roles of water

all you need to know about the roles of water including the importance and how they happen.

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1) A solvent
Importance: many biochemical reactions
occur in water. When a chemical dissolves in
water it is free to move around and react
with other chemicals.
How: water is dipolar so it attracts other
charged particles e.g. ions like Na+, K+, Cl- or
molecules which contain charged particles
e.g. glucose.
2) A metabolite
Importance: water is needed in life
sustaining reactions like photosynthesis. It is
also formed during other reactions.

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How: water breaks down larger molecules
(hydrolysis) e.g.
glycogen glucose.
Reactions making bigger molecules
evolve water e.g.
glucose + glucose maltose + H2O
3) A transport medium
Importance: water dissolves and carries
mineral salts in xylem, it also carries sucrose
and amino acids in phloem. Plasma in our
blood vessels carries many things.
How: H-bonds hold water molecules
together (cohesion) This prevents air
bubbles from forming in xylem, phloem and
blood plasma.…read more

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As a thermos
Importance: most cells only survive within
narrow temperature limits, otherwise their
enzymes can't work well. Many organisms
have water as their habitat for feeding,
breeding, baring young and migrating.
How: the `movement' of water molecules is
restricted because of the H-bonds between
them. A lot of energy is needed to raise the
temperature of water by 1 c for 1Kg this is
because water has a high specific heat
capacity.…read more

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As an insulator
Importance: ice floats on water's surface,
insulating the water below and allowing
nutrient cycling. Fish can survive the winter!
How: water is most dense at 4 c so frozen
water (ice) will rise up.
6) As a surface for insects to walk on
Importance: some insects can walk on
How: H-bonds between H2O molecules allow
enough cohesion; `surface tension' for pond
skaters and Jesus bugs to walk.…read more


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