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The family and
The importance of the extended
family from pre industrialisation to
contemporary UK…read more

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Pre industrial family
· Based on extended kinship networks
(Talcott Parsons 1955 )
· Roles in family ­ product of ascription
rather than achieved.
· Extended family teaches the children e.g.
education, health, welfare…read more

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Effects of Industrialisation
· Importance of achieved status/
geographically mobile workforce
· Specialised agencies develop ­ take over
functions of the family e.g. work, welfare,
· New nuclear family created ­ clear roles
male - "instrumental leader"
· Female ­ "expressive leader"…read more

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Criticism of Parsons view
· Too simplistic
· Industrialisation ­ different patterns in different
· Many families nuclear in structure before
industrialisation- because of late marriage, early
death, sending children away to work as
servants, apprentices
· Michael Anderson ­ study of Preston n 1971 ­
found extended family important as a "mutual
support system for critical life situations "illness,
death, unemployment-difficulties in finding work,
housing, problems of old age.…read more

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Criticism of Parsons view
· Study by Young and Willmott 1957
· Movement to nuclear family not as quick as
suggested by Parsons- gradual process
· Study of extended families in Bethnal Green
· Extended families existed in large numbers-
based on emotional attachment, mutual support
network- help with money, jobs, child care and
advice particular emphasis on mother-daughter
relationship.…read more

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"The Symmetrical family" Young
and Willmott 1973
· Definition of a Symmetrical family
"partnership between couples and mutual
sharing of tasks"
· Young and Willmott stated that "majority of
husbands, helped wives at least 1 a week
with houshold tasks"…read more

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