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Topic 3

The role of emotion in forgetting


In the models of memory cognitive psychologist neglected emotions, because they
compare the brain to a computer which does not have emotions

There are two main concepts in how emotion effects memory, one that cause the
memories to be forgotten and…

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Topic 3


William (1994) - Showed that a high proportion of women had been sexually abused as a
child did not recall it when interviewed 20 years later

This supports the role of repression in forgetting and suggests that our
emotion can make our memory worse.

Myers and Brewin…

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Topic 3

A third criticism into research of repression is that the participant have to talk about
past events, and memories that have been repressed are normally negative, so even
if participants manage to recall the event, they may not want to talk about it.

Flashbulb Memories

Flashbulb memories are…

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Topic 3

Wright (1993) - he interviewed people about the Hillsborough football disaster. To test the
accuracy of their flashbulb memories he asked them to recall events, after 5 months most
people did not have strong memories.

This criticises flashbulb memories as it shows that are not immune to


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