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The Road To World
War Two...
A step by step guide to how it
happened.…read more

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1935-1936: Hitler reversed the
Treaty of Versailles
1933- left the disarmament conference
and league of nations
1935- The Saar voted to rejoin Germany
1935- conscription introduced and the
new German air force announced
1935- Anglo-German Naval Treaty
1936- Hitler re-occupied the Rhineland
1936- Rome Berlin Axis & Anti-
Comintern Pact…read more

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March 1938- Anschluss
Austria was German country by language and tradition
Hitler was born there
He desired to unite all German speaking people
A strong Nazi party existed there already
Schuschnigg (Austrian chancellor) appointed Nazis in the
Gov. and Hitler promised to respect Austria's
Nevertheless, a plebiscite was scheduled to decide
whether the Austrian people wanted to join Germany
BUT a Nazi chancellor replaced Schuschnigg and
Germany invaded Austria
No blood shed
A huge majority of Austrians approved of Anscluss…read more

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September 1938- The
Czechoslovakian Crisis
Czechoslovakia was well armed and positioned, and caused a
possible threat to Germany
Hitler wanted it out of the way so that he could continue with his
quest for lebensraum
The Sudetenland was on the German border, and contained a
lot of ethnic Germans that could be relied on for support
Czechoslovakia did not want to hand over the Sudetenland as it
would leave them weak and defenceless
War looked imminent
Chamberlain met Hitler in September, and agreed that he could
transfer the Sudetenland to Germany so long as he did so
One week later, Hitler demanded the land by 1st October, as
well as that claims on land for Hungary and Poland be met, or
else he would go to war/invade Czechoslovakia…read more

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The Munich Conference,
September 29 1938
Hitler, Daladier (FR), Mussolini and Chamberlain met in
They signed an agreement on Hitler's terms
Also stated that the new borders of Czech. Would be
guaranteed by the four powers
This was meaningless, as Hitler had intention of keeping
to the agreement and Hungary & Poland soon took the
land they wanted
was signed, in which GB & Ger agreed never to fight
each other again, but to settle disputes through
Chamberlain boasted of "peace in our time"…read more

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March 1939- Hitler destroys
Czech was incapable of defending itself
Policy of appeasement died
Chamberlain promised Poland that
Britain would guarantee its borders…read more

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