The Rivals Key Quotes

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1. "My heart will not feel more liberty"- Julia
2. "How little resolution there is in a woman"- Faulkland
3. "Women are not used to weighing separating the motives of their affections"- Faulkand
4. "The Innocent Adultery"
5. "This is the natural consequence of teaching girls to read"- Sir Anthony
6. "I would rather have my daughter be taught the black art as her alphabet"- Sir Anthony
7. "Evergreen tree of diabolical knowledge"- Sir Anthony
8. "She might not misspell and mispronounce words so shamefully as girls usually do"- Mrs
9. "I wonder what old, wealthy hag he wants to bestow upon me"- Absolute
10. "Fortune is saddled with a wife"-Sir Anthony
11. "The gentleman wa'n't angry as my praising his mistress was he?"- Bob Acres
12. "But my honour!...I must be very careful of my honour"- Bob Acres
13. "Commend me to a mask of silliness"- Lucy
14. "I fell a little guilt on my conscience from this deceit but i would not be so well paid if he
15. "Well done simplicity"- Lucy
16. "Myself the dupe"- Lydia
17. "I had projected one of the most sentimental of elopements"- Lydia
18. "kneel in the snow and cough and sneeze so pathetically"- Lydia
19. "Men are all barbarians"- Mrs Malaprop
20. "I flattered myself that I outwit and incensed them all"- Lydia
21. "Hearts deserving happiness"- Julia
22. "We have tasted both the bitters and sweets of love"- Absolute
23. "Thought does not become a young woman"- Mrs Malaprop
24. "would you have me tell her a lie?"- Lucy
25. "An obstinate, passionate, self-willed boy! Who can he take after?"- Sir Anthony
26. "Sure, sir, this is not very reasonable- to summon my affections for a lady I know nothing of"-
27. "If you have the estate, you must take it with the livestock"- Sir Anthony
28. "Oh you torture me to the heart"- Julia
29. "I have deceived your Aunt!"- Absolute
30. "Come to me, rich only thus in loveliness"- Absolute
31. "I don't want to take his life if I clear my honour"- Bob Acres
32. "Show your good breeding"-Mrs Malaprop
33. "I shall not be myself till we are reconciled"- Faulkland
34. "Whatever vexations you may have, I can assure you, mine surpass them"- Lydia
35. "Oh I shall die with disappointment"-Lydia
36. "Lydia is romantic, devilish romantic, and very absurd of course"- Absolute
37. "Come, come, let's have no honour before ladies"- Mrs Malaprop
38. "Women guide the plot"- Mrs Bulkley


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