the rise of the seljuk turks

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The rise of the Seljuk Turks and the problems of the Eastern Empire
Why and in what ways was the How had the rise of the Seljuk Turks
muslim world divided by 1095? impacted on the Muslim world?
2 divisions of Islam, Sunni and Taken over land that belonged
Shia (since death of to the Abbasids.
Mohammed). Sunni based in Sunni Muslims and very
Bagdad, Shia in Cairo. Hated powerful, not good for Shi'ites.
each other Extended their power right
Power vacuum started 1094 across the Eastern Muslim
after Caliphs and Viziers from world.
both sides died. Muslim world was divided
Divided among Rival Turkish among rival Turkish Amirs and
Amirs and Seljuk Atabegs. Seljuk Atabegs
They weren't at all prepared for
the first crusaders and in a state
of chaos
How had the rise of the Seljuk Turks How had Alexios become Byzantine
impacted on the Byzantine Empire? Emperor?
Beat the Byzantines at the Born into a family of Byzantine
Battle of Manzikert in Asia Emperors. His uncle, Isaac I,
Minor in 1071 was one
1071 ­ Moved into Byzantine 10681081: Served previous
Empire. Took farms, land emperors in military service
etc.... including Romanus VI,
Took land 60 miles from Michael VIII and Nicephorus
Constantinople, capital of III.
Byzantine Empire During the Battle of Manzikert
in 1071, the previous emperor,
Romanos IV, got captured by
the Seljuk Turks
With the help of his brother, his
mother and his inlaws, he
seized the Byzantine Empire
from Nicephorus III
What problems had the Byzantine
Empire faced between c1050 and
1050 ­ Defeated by Seljuk
Turks left, right and centre.
Empire in decline.

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The rise of the Seljuk Turks and the problems of the Eastern Empire
1054 ­ Great schism when the
Eastern and Western Churches
split.…read more


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