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The rise of the Nazi
party…read more

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Munich putsch- 1923
· This was Hitler's first ever attempt to take
over the government.
· On the 8th of November Hitler burst into a
beer hall with 600 of his supporters and
waved a gun at Kahr and Lossow and forced
them to agree to rebel. He then took over the
army headquarters and the headquarters of a
local newspaper.…read more

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The next day the Nazis went on what they
thought would be a successful uprising.
However, Kahr called the local police for
reinforcements. Hitler fled but was arrested two
days later. 16 Nazis were killed by police gunfire.
The Nazi party had its first martyrs.
Hitler was put on trial. He was meant to be put
in prison for 5 years, however the judge was a
Nazi sympathiser and he was only put in prison
for 9 months. During this time, he wrote his
book, Mein Kampf.…read more

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Hitler realised he would have to use more
constitutional methods to gain control. He
· The Hitler youth
· Propaganda
· Merges with other right wing parties
· Local branches of the party, which tried to get
elected into the Reichstag.
· The SS as his personal bodyguard.
It was these legitimate methods which helped him
to gain control.…read more

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On the 27th February 1933 the Reichstag
building was set on fire. This gave Hitler the
excuse to blame something on the
communists, as a man carrying communist
membership cards was found in the building.
· On the 5th march 1933 the Nazis got 44% of
the votes at a Reichstag election, winning 288
· On the 23 march 1933, Hitler passes the
enabling act, which allowed him to pass any
law he wanted.…read more

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On the 26th April 1933, Hitler set up the
· On the 2nd may 1933, Hitler banned the trade
unions. Their leaders were arrested.
· On the 20th June 1933, Hitler signs an
agreement with the Pope. This eventually
breaks down.
· On the 14th July 1933, Hitler bans all other
political parties.
· On the 24th April 1934, Hitler sets up the
peoples courts, where all judges have to
swear an oath of loyalty to Hitler.…read more

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