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The Right Word ­ Own Notes:
Trying to find the right word
Instruction to the right act
Fear / Suspicion / anger
Words can exclude `outside the door' ­ forceful phrase
Lurking ­ emotive picture/threat
End stop line
Fears and crime
`Is that the wrong description?' ­ is the first image wrong? Rhetorical question
Contrasts between people
End stop lines!
Shifts of meaning ­ complicated
Self doubt ­ complicated to judge
`Waiting in the shadows' ­ ambiguous
Countries / national identity
Link to Flag/Out of the blue
Personal pronoun ­ your door
Hesitant ­ underlines question
Guerrilla ­ change of a person
`God help me' ­ unsure
Martyr ­ sacrificing yourself
Makes a person
Heritage and culture
`I saw his face' ­ responsibility / shifts what shadows are
Save yourself for another
Personal connection

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Mode of address ­ reader
Responsibility of society not to judge others
`I open the door' ­ plays host / changing/shifting time
Name changes to `child'
Voice is different
Problems at home
Shadows do not show the whole picture
Outside ­ another world?
On the edge
Expressing opinion
Not about terrorism ­ about power of the world
Engages with emotion
Enmity ­ making enemies
Language/media influences
Nuance ­ shading of meaning
7 different versions of the image
Shift in tone
Idea changes ­ we…read more


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