The Revenger's Tragedy Key Quotes by Theme

A set of key quotes organised into themes on The Revenger's Tragedy play

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Theme of Women/Misogyny
`so far beyond the artificial shine of any woman's bought complexion' - Vindice, lines 21-22 pg. 4
`melt all his patrimony in a kiss' - Vindice, line 27, pg. 4
`because their sexy is easy in belief' - Vindice, line 106, pg. 7
`women are apt you know to take false money' - Vindice, line 102, pg. 7
`the law's a woman' - Vindice, line 113, pg. 8
`he was too wise to trust me with his thoughts' - Gratiana, line 129, pg. 9
`wives are but made to go to bed and feed' - Vindice, line 131, pg. 9
`good only for their beauties, which washed off, no sin is uglier' - Vindice, lines 30-31, pg. 11
`what should move men unto a woman else?' - Youngest Son, line 48, pg. 12
`women must not be trusted with their own' - Spurio, line 198, pg. 18
`and their mask on' - Vindice, line 67, pg. 22
`tell but some woman a secret over night, your doctor may find it in the urinal i' the morning' - Vindice, lines
85-86, pg. 22
`made my virtues bate when his tongue struck upon my poor estate' - Gratiana, lines 107-108, pg. 35
`why are there so few honest women but because `tis the poorer profession?' - Vindice, lines 225-226, pg. 40
`were't not for gold and women there would be no damnation' - Vindice, line 252, pg. 41
`Your hope's as fruitless as a barren woman' - Officer, line 38, pg. 64
`for her superfluous outside - all for this?' - Vindice, line 86, pg. 70
`I die for that which every woman loves' - Youngest Son, line 76, pg. 66 (AO4)
`the fault of mighty women that they sleep soft' - Ambitioso, lines 10-11, pg. 97
`fiend of women!' - Hippolito, line 3, pg. 99
`the duchess is suspected foully bent' - Lussurioso, line 164, pg. 115
`fiend of women' - Vindice, line 3, pg. 99
`green-coloured maid would have turned red with shame' - Vindice, line 68, pg. 102
`a virgin honour is a crystal tower' - Castiza, line 153, pg. 106
`foul incontinent duchess' - Lussurioso, line 8, pg. 118
Theme of Disguise/Deceit
`I'll quickly turn into another' - Vindice, line 133, pg. 9
`I love thy mischief well but I hate thee' - Spurio, line 192, pg. 17
`am I far enough from myself?' Vindice - line 1, pg. 19
`pray let me not be doubted' - Vindice, line 19, pg. 19
`in this disguise to try the faith of both' - Vindice, line 178, pg. 26
`stay, let's observe this passage' - Vindine, line 116, pg. 47 (motif of spying)
`I'll try `em both upon their love and hate' - Duke, line 86, pg. 55
`he shall die ere many days - make haste' - Duke, lines 100-101, pg. 56
`here is a pin should quickly prick your bladder' - Supervacuo, lines 13-14, pg. 58
`upon thy neck kind brother; the falling of one head lifts up another' - Ambitioso, lines 27-28, pg. 59
`hide thy face now for shame, thou hadst need have a mask now' - Vindice, line 112, pg. 71
`brother disguise must strangely does himself work to undo him' - Hippolito, lines 59-61, pg. 84
`Your sister's honour, whom I honour with my soul for chaste respect' - Lussurioso ,lines 143-144, pg. 92/93
`if we dressed up the body of the duke' - Vindice, line 205, pg. 96
`a mother to give aim to her own daughter' - Vindice, line 40, pg. 101
`to have him killed in's sleep, for if he waked he would betray all to them' - Lussurioso, lines 42-43, pg. 109
`I'll begin dukedom with her banishment' - Lussurioso, line 165, pg. 115

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Your hair will make the silver age again, when there was fewer, but honest men' - Vindice, lines 89-90, pg. 123
Theme of Madness
`tis we are mad in sense, they but in clothes' - Vindice, line 81, pg. 70
`the mortal curse of the earth, shall be revenged in the like strain and kiss his lips to death' - Vindice, lines
103-104, pg.…read more

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