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The Reign of Alexander II
1st March 1881: Alexander assassinated when Ignatei Grinevitski threw a bomb which also killed himself.
He was killed while travelling to the Winter Palace in St Petersburg
January 1881: expansion of Zemstvo powers; could send delegates to national assembly. Had power to initiate legislation
The Peoples will wanted a constitution for free electrons and end to censorship.
25th February 1880 Alexander considered it, releasing political prisoners. Loris Melikof (minister of the Interior) had to devise the constitution.…read more

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The Reign of Alexander II
Peasants would be able to buy land from landlords, the state would help pay for: 49 Annual Sums (Redemption payments) were paid by peasants to state
1864, districts could set up a zemstvo and local councils with power to provide roads and schools, however the right to elect members was restricted to the
Alexander introduced improved municipal government (1870) and universal military training (1874)
Born 17th April 1818, Moscow
Educated and military experienced
Tsardom in 1855
1856 Russia ended…read more


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