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· Democracy
· Free elections & many political parties
· Industry & agriculture in private hands
· Individual freedoms & freedom of speech
· Dictatorship
· Only communist party allowed
· Industry & agriculture in the state's hands
· No individual freedom & no freedom of speech
Why America feared Russia in Why Russia feared America in
1945: 1945:
It was a communist country It was a capitalist country
It had millions of ready soldiers It had nuclear…read more

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The "Hollywood 10"
~ 1947: 10 writers & directors were jailed after refusing to answer questions about
their colleagues' activities in the Communist Party.
The Federal Employee Loyalty Programme (FELP)
~ 1947: President Truman approved this programme, designed to root out
subversive elements in government jobs.
~ 3 million employees were investigated between 1947 & 1950.
~ No spies were found but 200 people were forced to resign for being a risk.
Alger Hiss
~ Worked for President Roosevelt ­ senior member of government.…read more

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~Joseph McCarthy was a republican
senator who led a campaign against
communists & suspected communists
during the period of `the Red Scare'.
~In 1950, he claimed to have a list
containing names of over 200 communists
in the State Department (although he
provided scant evidence to back up his
~This became known as "The List" & made
McCarthy a well-known & popular public figure.…read more

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Between May 1953 & October 1954: 6424 government workers lost their
jobs. None were put on trial.
~High-profile figures were accused, including General George Marshall, who
devised the Marshall Plan.
~Thousands of people saw their lives ruined by McCarthy's witch-hunt. Over
100 academics lost their jobs & 324 Hollywood figures were `blacklisted.'
McCarthy's Downfall:
~McCarthyism ended in 1954 for several reasons:
Influential opposition to McCarthy's activities grew from the likes of
some Senators, Hollywood figures & newspapers like the Washington
Post & New York Times.…read more



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