the problems of the provisional government

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Problem What action did Provisional Success or Failure?
Government take?
There were two rival groups wanting The provisional government did Failure ­ the soviet undermined t
control of Russia ­ the Provisional nothing to try and end the power authority of the Provisional
Government and the Petrograd Soviet. of the Petrograd soviets. Government.
Order Number One ­ the Soviet Provisional Government did Failure ­ concede central army to
undermined the Provisional nothing. soviet.
Government by starting to issue
orders that they were not actually
allowed to do.
Legitimacy ­ the Provisional Bring Soviet representatives to Short term success ­ works
Government was made up of represent worths. Long term failure ­ give power to
Octobrists and Kadet parties ­ both Soviet
minority groups, not elected by the
Countryside ­ lack of control Nothing at all Failure ­ countryside lawless
Social and economic conditions ­ all Deals with Britain and France to Neither ­ no improvement ­
problems connected to the get money. Fought in ww1 to stagnant situation
land/working/living conditions carry on getting foreign loans.
continued after the Tsar had gone.

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World War One ­ Russia continued to Go against Soviet Failure ­ lose
fight but focused on a defensive war. soldiers desert
This meant they were trying to limit the
damage Germany may inflect upon
them and hold on until the Allies won.
June Offensive ­ the Provisional Launched it Failure ­ lose a lot
Government launched an attack on
AustriaHungary at Galicia. This ended
in humiliation and defeat. The Russian
people could tolerate defensive war
but not attacking one that would cost
unnecessary lives.…read more


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