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LA2 ­ Precedent

The Privy Council and Precedent
The Problem that court faced was `what are provocative acts' and `what characteristics
of the defendant could they take into account.

Case 1: Bedder V DPP (Director Public Prosecutions) (1954)
Court ­ House of Lords

This case involves a man who was…

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LA2 ­ Precedent

Court ­ Privy Council

He killed his girlfriend in a rage. He was an alcoholic.

The Privy Council agreed with `Camplin' that they should take age/sex into
consideration but NOTHING ELSE!

Verdict: MURDER!

Case 4: R V Smith (Morgan) (2000)
Court ­ House of Lords

Morgan went…

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LA2 ­ Precedent

Court ­ Court Of Appeal

Mohammed left his mosque early one evening and arrived home
un-expectedly to find his daughter in bed with a man! Mohammed locked the
door, and the man ran away by climbing out of the window.

Mohammed returned and stabbed his daughter to…


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