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`The Picture of
Dorian Gray'
Chapter 14…read more

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O Dorian is woken by his valet. When Dorian remembers what happened the night
before, he only feels sorry for himself and not Basil. He tries to forget about these
horrible events.
O Dorian continues his day to day business. He writes a letter to this Alan Campbell.
Dorian gets worried that Alan doesn't turn up.
O Alan is one of Dorian's ex-friends who now hates Dorian. Alan was a scientist. After
not being friends, Alan has devoted his life to science.
O When Alan turns up, he is very unsympathetic towards Dorian. Dorian tells Alan
about the corpse and asks him to dispose of it using science. Dorian also claims
that Basil committed suicide.
O The pair argue for a while. So Dorian resorts to blackmail, he writes something on
a piece of paper and hands it to Alan. Alan is astonished.
O Alan agrees to get rid of the body.
O Dorian asks his servant to collect Alan's science equipment. When the servant
returns, Dorian shows Alan where the body is and leaves Alan to do his science on
the body. A couple of hours later Alan appears saying he has done the job and he
wishes to never see Dorian again.
O Dorian goes to the schoolroom and there is a bad smell but there is no body.…read more

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Techniques Used
O The not knowing what was written on the
piece of paper used to threaten Alan, makes
the reader intrigued. What hold does Dorian
have on Alan?
O It demonstrates how evil Dorian has become.
He can still get people to do what he wants
because they are afraid of what he will do to
them. He could ruin them. There are two
different sides to Dorian-this is the
manipulative side of him.…read more

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O Manipulation
O Evil
O Opposites
O Influence…read more

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Key Quotes
O "There were sins whose fascination was more
in the memory of them than in the doing of
them" (Page 137).
O "I will send it. You know what the result will
be. But you are going to help me" (Page 144).…read more


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