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`The Picture of
Dorian Gray'
Chapter 10…read more

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O Dorian makes the decision to hide the portrait in the old schoolroom. He
wraps up the painting and gets the keys.
O Dorian wonders why he didn't tell Basil the truth because he could have
helped him against Henry's influence but it is too late.
O He sends his servant with a note to Henry asking him to send a book to
O Mr Hubbard, a famous frame-maker, arrived with a helper. He tries to
sell Dorian a frame but Dorian interrupts saying he wants a heavy
picture moved.
O Mr Hubbard and assistant move the picture to the schoolroom.
O Nobody had been in to the schoolroom for years. Dorian had spent most
his childhood here and it reminds him of his youth. He locks to room
and gets Mr Hubbard out
O When he gets to the library, there is a book sent by Lord Henry. Dorian
starts reading it and gets absorbed by it and is late for his meeting with
Lord Henry.…read more

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O Desperation:- Dorian is desperate for no one
to find out about how the painting has
changed-he wants this to himself.…read more

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O This is one of the few chapters that focus
solely on Dorian. It also wasn't part of the
original Lippincott's edition of it.
O Some people have interpreted Dorian hiding
the picture as a symbol of his homosexuality.…read more

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References to the
O The hiding of the painting could represent
how Dorian is hiding his own shame and
conscience. It is showing how Dorian can live
through life without a conscience.…read more

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Key Quotes
O "Why should he watch the hideous corruption
of his own soul? He kept his youth-that was
enough." (Page 104).
O "There was something about Dorian that
charmed everybody. It was a pleasure to even
see him" (103).…read more


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