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the periodic table of elements and their uses

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Hydrogen 1 Helium 2
E rocket fuel E inflating balloons, airships
E hydrogenation of oils
KEY E leak detector, laser
to make fats E welding blanket gas
E vehicle fuel E nuclear reactor coolant
C ammonia At room temperature the element is: Appearance in nature: Used as: M in atmosphere for deep diving
A r 1.01 Ar 4.00
2 Yellow gas Unshaded
Neodymium 60 only as compounds Calcium 20 name, atomic number 3 4 5 6 7
E element (text in black)
Be M
alloy, blend or mixture (text in red)
compound (text in dark blue) B C
Li Red liquid Ar relative atomic mass (to 2 d.p.)
Lithium 3 Beryllium 4 Boron 5 Carbon 6 Nitrogen 7 Oxygen 8 Fluorine 9 Neon 10
E rocket fuel additive E x-ray tube window Shaded free element C tennis racket E water and air purification E cryogenic surgery E combustion C uranium enrichment E neon light
E pacemaker battery M aircraft brakes C heat resistant glass E tyre colourant, in steel E freezing food E steel production C water additive E fog light, tv tube
M aircraft material M golf clubs C eye wash E diamond, pencil E ammonia production E respiration C toothpaste additive E barcode reader
lubricant additive, glass
(watch) spring
spark-free tools
White solid C
plastics, fibres
natural gas, petrol, oil
synthetic fertilizer
water purification
non-stick coating
aluminium production
voltage probe
Ar 6.94 Ar 9.01 Ar 12.01 Ar 14.01 Ar 19.00 Ar 20.12
Green man-made solid Half-shaded
as the element and in
Al Si P S
Na Mg
Sodium 11 Magnesium 12 Aluminium 13 Silicon 14 Phosphorus 15 Sulfur 16 Chlorine 17 Argon 18
E coolant in nuclear reactors E flare © Association of the Dutch Chemical Industry (VNCI) E foil, tube E microchip, solar-cell E fireworks E fireworks E water disinfection E light bulb filling
M street light M car wheel, aircraft E drinks can C china crockery C synthetic fertilizer, w.c. cleaner E battery, sulfuric acid C hydrochloric acid E gas discharge tube
C kitchen salt, soda, glass C firebrick M window and door frames C glass C toothpaste production C plastic (PVC) E geiger counter, laser
C airbag C powder for gymnasts M car, underground train, C cement/concrete C food acidity regulator E vulcanization of rubber C bleaching agent E welding blanket gas
C cosmetics, soap C pigment, filler aircraft C silicone sealant C antioxidant, emulsifier C preservative Ar 35.45 E gas chromatography
Ar 23.00 Ar 24.31 C water purification Ar 28.10 C lubricant additive C hair care (perm lotion) Ar 39.95
A r 27.00 Ar 31.00 A r 32.10
Cr Fe Co Ni Cu Ga
K Ca Zn Ge
Sc Ti V Mn As Se
Potassium 19 Calcium 20 Scandium 21 Titanium 22 Vanadium 23 Chromium 24 Manganese 25 Iron 26 Cobalt 27 Nickel 28 Copper 29 Zinc 30 Gallium 31 Germanium 32 Arsenic 33 Selenium 34 Bromine 35 Krypton 36
C synthetic fertilizer E metallurgy E leak detector E heat exchanger M construction material E plating, protecting M steel for railway points E magnet E gamma radiation source E coins E wire, cable, printing E corrosion resistant E quartz thermometer E infra-red optics E laser printer E light meter C tear gas E fluorescent tube
C glass, lenses M cable insulation, battery C seed germinating agent M aircraft M tools, spring M steel for tools and knives M tools, axles M bridge, car, boat, machine M razor blades E catalyst for hydrogenation M bronze, sculpture coating (galvanising) C light emitting diode (LED) E reflector in projector C wood protection E photocopier C flame retardant E arc lamp, flash bulb
C matches, gunpowder C synthetic fertilizer, salt C lights for sets for TV M bone pin, prosthesis M jet engines C catalyst for methanol M safe M `tin' can M permanent magnet M cutlery M brass E battery, gutter C TV screen E transistor, diode C glass C infra-red optics C pharmaceuticals E gas for leak tester
C salt (sodium chloride) treatment for icy roads productions C pigment for paint and paper C antifouling paint production C battery M tools, nail C pigment M `white gold', crucible M coin, tube, tap M car parts, brass C transistor, tumour locator M solar cells C light emitting diode C colouring glass C photographic paper, film E wavelength standard
substitute C plaster, cement A r 44.96 C polymerization catalyst C catalyst for sulfuric C camouflage paint, laser C glass, black pigment Ar 55.85 Ar 58.93 C nickel plating M pipe, ship propeller C cosmetics C infra-red detector Ar 72.61 (LED) C anti-dandruff shampoo Ar 79.90 C UV laser
Ar 39.10 C filler in paper, paint Ar 47.88 acid production C cassette and video-tapes Ar 54.94 C rechargeable battery M bell C white pigment in rubber Ar 69.72 Ar 74.92 Ar 78.96 Ar 83.80
A r 40.01 Ar 50.94 A r 52.00 Ar 58.69 Ar 63.55 A r 65.39
Rb Sr Zr Nb Mo Ru Rh In Sn Te
Y Cd Sb
Pd Ag I
Rubidium 37 Strontium 38 Yttrium 39 Zirconium 40 Niobium 41 Molybdenum 42 Technetium 43 Ruthenium 44 Rhodium 45 Palladium 46 Silver 47 Cadmium 48 Indium 49 Tin 50 Antimony 51 Tellurium 52 Iodine 53 Xenon 54
E photoelectric cell C nuclear battery in buoys M jet engine E nuclear fuel rods M cutting tools E filament in electric heater E radiation source for M car spark plug E mirror in projector E catalytic converter E mirror, battery E rechargeable battery E solar cell M tin can, solder, coin M solder E percussion cap E disinfectant E UV lamp, sun lamp
E gas scavenger & weather stations C colour TV screens M percussion cap M pipelines M rocket motor, turbine medical research M electrical contact M telephone relay E hydrogen absorption and M coins, jewellery M control rods in nuclear M car bearings M bronze M lead battery, bearings M steel for work on lathes E treatment of thyroid cancer E car lamp
(in vacuum tube) C permanent magnet C camera lenses C fake diamond M superconducting magnet C flame retardant Ar (98) M resistance wire M jewellery storage M silverware reactor M motor in grand prix car M organ pipe M shotgun pellet M resistance wire E halogen lamp E lamp for projector
C fuel cell C phosphorescent paint C firebricks C furnace bricks M welding rod C lubricant M spinning nozzle M catalytic converter M dental crowns C photographic paper, film C light meter C glass coating C antifouling paint C fire retardant C vulcanization of rubber C X-ray diagnosis E electronic indicator
C hardened glass C fireworks C laser, radar (filter) C oxygen meter M orthopaedic implants C catalyst in petrochemistry M jewellery M aircraft spark plug M watches, jewellery C photosensitive glass C pigment in enamel, Ar 114.82 C opalescent glass, enamel C infra-red detector Ar 127.60 C salt additive, prevention E UV laser
C toothpaste for
C blood circulation regulator sensitive teeth Ar 88.91 Ar 91.22 Ar 92.91 Ar 95.94 Ar 101.07 Ar 102.91 A r 106.42 Ar 107.87 ceramic and oil paint Ar 118.71 Ar 121.75 of goitre Ar 131.29
A r 85.47 A r 87.62 A r 112.41 Ar 126.90
La Hf Re TI Po
Pt Au Pb At
Cs Ba Ta W Os lr Bi
Caesium 55 Barium 56 Lanthanum 57 Hafnium 72 Tantalum 73 Tungsten 74 Rhenium 75 Osmium 76 Iridium 77 Platinum 78 Gold 79 Mercury 80 Thallium 81 Lead 82 Bismuth 83 Polonium 84 Astatine 85 Radon 86
E photoelectric cell M gas scavenger (in vacuum tube) M lighter flint E nuclear submarine E electrical condenser E welding electrode E oven filament E catalyst for ammonia E cancer irradiation E catalyst for nitric acid E precious metal E thermometer M thermometer filling E radiation protection M fusewire E nuclear battery Seldom found in nature E earthquake predictor
E gamma radiation source C lubricant additive M battery electrode E control rods in nuclear M vacuum tube filaments E lamp filament, tv M catalyst 4-star petrol production M hypodermic needle production E jewellery E street light C low melting glass M roof covering, battery M sprinkler, shotgun pellet E neutron source A r (210) A r (222)
E atomic clock C filler, pigment for paper C catalytic converter reactor M cutting tool, rocket M armour, shell, bullet production M fountain pen nib M helicopter spark plug M crucible E electrical contact E sun lamp, energy-saving bulb C infra-red detector M solder, ammunition C glass, ceramic A r (209)
E infra-red lamp C fireworks, X-ray photo of C camera lenses E gas scavenger for vacuum tube M spectacle frames, prosthesis M rocket nozzle M jewellery plating M compass needle C fountain pen nib M melting pot for glass, jewellery M dental crown M dental filling C infra-red camera lenses C red lead paint C burns dressing
E rocket fuel additive digestive system Ar 138.91 M jet engine C camera lenses M cutting and boring tools M anode X-ray tube M clock bearing Ar 192.22 M dental crown C rheumatism treatment Ar 200.59 Ar 204.38 C crystal glass C cosmetics
Ar 132.91 C mud used in oil drilling M tools Ar 180.95 Ar 183.85 M thermocouple M jewellery C anti-tumour agent Ar 196.97 Ar 207.2 Ar 208.98
A r 137.33 A r 178.49 A r 186.21 Ar 190.2 Ar 195.08
Ce: Cerium 58 Pr: Praseodymium 59 Nd: Neodymium 60 Pm: Promethium 61 Sm: Samarium 62 Eu: Europium 63 Gd:Gadolinium 64 Tb: Terbium 65 Dy: Dysprosium 66 Ho: Holmium 67 Er: Erbium 68 Tm: Thulium 69 Yb: Ytterbium 70 Lu: Lutetium 71
M lighter flint M lighter flint M permanent magnet C nuclear battery M permanent magnet M neutron scavenger M chromium steel C x-ray screen M aircraft metal C laser E infra-red absorbing glass E x-ray equipment M stainless steel A r 174.97
Rutherfordium 104
Fr Ra Ac Dubnium 105
polishing powder for TV glass
arc lamp
permanent magnet
ceramic colouring
colouring for spectacles
ceramic condenser
glass for laser and lenses
C thickness meter
A r (145)
neutron scavenger
ceramic condenser
colour tv tube
x-ray screen
permanent magnet
video recorder
x-ray tube
fluorescent lamp
optical memory
permanent magnet
laser, bulbs
C glass colouring
A r 164.93
vanadium steel
glass colouring
pigment for TV screen
C transistor, diode
A r 173.04
C glass for welding spectacles Ar 144.24 Ar 150.36 C computer memory Ar 162.50 Ar 167.26
Seaborgium 106 Ar 140.91 Ar 157.25
Francium 87 Radium 88 Actinium 89
Seldom found in nature A r 226.03 A r 227.03 Bohrium 107
A r (223) Th: Thorium 90 Pa: Protactinium 91 U: Uranium 92 Np: Neptunium 93 Pu: Plutonium 94 Am: Americium 95 Cm: Curium 96 Bk: Berkelium 97 Cf: Californium 98 Es: Einsteinium 99 Fm: Fermium 100 Md: Mendelevium 101 No: Nobelium 102 Lr: Lawrencium 103
Hassium 108 E coating on filament wire A r 231.04 E `breeder' reactor fuel A r 237.05 C nuclear battery for space C crystal research E radiation source A r (247) C neutron source A r (252) A r (257) A r (258) A r (259) A r (260)
C fuel for `breeder' nuclear reactor E nuclear reactor fuel research C smoke detector A r (247) A r (251)
Meitnerium 109 C glass for lenses M gyro compass C nuclear reactor fuel C glass thickness meter
C gaslight mantle M tank ammunition A r (244) C neutron source
C crucible C glass colouring Ar (243)
Ar 232.04 Ar 238.03

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Neon Sodium Magnesium Aluminium Silicon Phosphorus Sulfur Chlorine Argon
Potassium Calcium Scandium Titanium Vanadium Chromium Manganese Iron
Cobalt Nickel Copper Zinc Gallium Germanium Arsenic Selenium Bromine THE ASSOCIATION OF THE BRITISH PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY
Krypton Rubidium Strontium Yttrium Zirconium Niobium Molybdenum
The Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry The pharmaceutical industry is constantly developing Technetium Ruthenium Rhodium Palladium Silver Cadmium Indium Tin Antimony The…read more


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