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The Periodic Table
BY CAIT…read more

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How is it organised?
The periodic table arranged all the elements in groups
according to their properties...
R rows are called
T columns are called PERIODS
L…read more

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Electron Arrangements
Elements in the same group have the same number of
electrons in the outer shell.
This also corresponds to their group number.
For example...
All metals in group 1 have 1 electron in their outer
shell.…read more

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Electron Shell Arrangements
As you move down through the periods, an extra
electron shell is added.
For example:
In period 1, there is 1 shell.
In period 2, there is 2 shells.
And so on.…read more

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Most importantly...
All of the elements in the same group have similar
properties. This is called PERIODICITY.
For example: Group 1 metals are all...
1) Soft
2) Can be easily cut with a knife
3) React with water…read more

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Group 1 ­ The Alkali Metals
Density increases as you go down the group
Reactivity increases as you go down the group ­ this
is because the electrons are further away from the
nucleus and so any extra electrons aren't attracted as
They all react with water to form an alkali…read more

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