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A vertical column of elements in the periodic table is a group. The elements in a group
have similar chemical properties to each other. For example, group 1 contains sodium and
other very reactive metals, while group 7 contains chlorine and other very reactive
non-metals. Group 0 (also known as group 8 or group 18) contains helium and other very
unreactive non-metals.
The modern periodic table
Note that you will never find a compound in the periodic table, because these consist of
two or more different elements joined together by chemical bonds.
Group 1
The group 1 elements are found on the left hand side of the periodic table. They are
called the alkali metals because they form alkaline compounds.
Group 1 of the periodic table

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Their atoms all have one electron in their highest occupied energy level (outermost shell).
This gives the group 1 elements similar chemical properties to each other.…read more

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The group 1 elements need to be stored under oil to prevent them reacting with oxygen
and water vapour in the air.
Reactions of group 1 elements with oxygen
Lithium, sodium and potassium are easily cut with a blade. The freshly cut surfaces are
silvery and shiny, but quickly turn dull as the metal reacts with oxygen in the air. The
group 1 metals react vigorously with oxygen to form metal oxides.…read more


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