The Other Treaties

The treaties made with defeated countries after the First World War. Also shows the treaty made between Germany and Russia.

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The Other Treaties
Country Date Terms Impact
Russia lost 25% of its population A very harsh treaty.
Treaty of Russia lost 25% of its railway Trotsky was Lenin's representative and was
Brest-Litvosk Russia lost 75% of its industry forced to sign the treaty.
7 Ukraine was taken over by the central powers Lenin had to accept because his army was falling
RUSSIA and the border moved ­ lost their grain apart and he had promised an end to the war.
Separated Austria from Hungary. Austria is no longer a leading power in Europe.
Forbade any future `Anchluss' (union) between Treaty wasn't a punishment ­ the old Austrian
Austria and Germany. empire had already collapsed by 1918. The
Forced Austria to disarm and pay reparations. treaty just sorted out a jumble of territories into
Took territory from Austria: new states.
Treaty of St Germain 1. Bohemia and Moravia Czechoslovakia (New Italy wasn't happy ­ it felt that is should have
Austria 1919
State) received more land.
2. Bosnia and Herzegovina Yugoslavia (New Austria suffered severe economic problems after
State that also included the former kingdom the war since much of its industry had gone to
of Serbia) Czechoslovakia.
Austria also lost territory to Poland, Romania
and Italy.
Like the Treaty of St Germain, the main terms Hungary was reduced in a similar way to Austria.
involved the transfer of territories: It lost a lot of territory and population.
Treaty of Trianon 1. Transylvania Romania Its industry suffered because it lost territories
0 2. Ruthenia, Slovakia Czechoslovakia where its raw materials were found.
3. Slovenia, Croatia Yugoslavia
Forced Hungary to disarm and pay reparations.
Forced to disarm and pay reparations. As it played a relatively small part in the war it
Treaty of Neuilly Lost land Greece and Romania was treated less harshly. Nevertheless by 1920,
Bulgaria 1919 Was allowed to keep its monarchy. many Bulgarians were governed by foreign
BIG THREE powers.
Treaty of Sèvres Forced to disarm and pay reparations. Turks were outraged by this treaty.

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Turkey was more important because of its Turkish nationalist led by Mustafa Kemal
strategic position and the size of its empire, it challenged its terms by driving Greeks out of
lost land because of this: Symrna.
1. Symrna Greece Result was the Treaty of Lausanne (1923) ­
2. Palestine, Iraq, Transjordan British returning Symrna to Turkey.
3. Morocco, Egypt, Tunisia Independent
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