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The Ontological argument
(s) .
By Charlotte…read more

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Real is better (assuming good) i.e. When
you wake up from a bad dream, you're glad
you're back to reality.
· People can think of God as AMAZING, and
real is better... Therefore God exists!
GOD is: `that than
which nothing
greater can be
ORI he
nse ...
lm)…read more

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il o s '
G au n ...
AR But, that means the
`perfect' island or a GAUNILO
unicorn exists.
And how can that be, seeing
as my neighbours idea of a
`perfect island' is the
opposite of mine?
AND.....…read more

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"My unicorn is different
to everyone elses'
unicorn; therefore is my
God different to everyone
elses' God?"…read more

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V e rsbeing s
God = a supremely perfect ion...
This is a desired attribute, which is better to have
then to lack. Therefore, existence cannot be
separated from God.
i.e. Having three angles cannot be
separated from the essence of a triangle.…read more

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j e c t i o n to
Ka nt s ' O b
Desca r t e s ...
· To say that a triangle exists without
three angles is self-contradictory;
however, disregarding a triangle all
together with its angles, is not.
The same follows for the concept of an absolutely
necessary being.
· It may be contradictory to say that God
exists without some of the attributes,
that he MUST have in order to be God;
but to say that God doesn't exist, is not
contradictory.…read more

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