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The Ontological Argument Revision

The word `ontos' means `being'. The ontological argument thus attempts to prove the existence of
God a priori by focusing on the nature of his existence or being. St. Anslem (1033 ­ 1109) was the
Archbishop of Canterbury. His argument was first presented in the form…

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Second Form

It is impossible to conceive of a god not existing (John Hick agreed):

1) A necessary being is greater than a contingent being since a contingent being depends on
something else for its existence and we can be thought of as not existing
2) God can be defined…

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God by definition is a supremely perfect being
A supremely perfect being has all perfections
Existence is one of these perfections
Therefore God has existence, he exists.

All the above things must necessarily be true provided we understand what is meant by the concept
of God. What has happened? Has…

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Kant's Killer point

"The boy stood on the burning deck."

(subject) (predicate (verb+object))

Kant says that "Existence is not a predicate".
It is not a property. Existence is to do with the subject not the predicate.

If you take away existence you take away everything.

Summary of the Ontological Argument…


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