The Nitrogen Cycle

A power point that explains some of the basic ideas of nitrogen biology, so organic and inorganic forms of nitrogen are introduced: some processes of the cycle are explained but not all

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The Nitrogen Cycle
Living and non-living inter-
conversions…read more

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Energy is passed on by
Carnivores eat meat
(other animals)
They gain the
energy from the
molecules they
Some is used for
growth and is used
to build their own
bodies…read more

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Animals' bodies are
made of protein
They get this from
plants if they are
Plants can't make
protein without
mineral ions from
the soil ­ simple
nitrogen compounds…read more

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Plants make protein
Plants take glucose
And by means of a
sequence of
Called a metabolic
Make serine and
other amino acids
from it…read more

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Plants take up nitrates
Root hairs on roots
Take up nitrates and
other ions
By active transport
To get enough into
their cells
From the soil-water
And use them to
make proteins…read more

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Examples of Plant protein…read more

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