The New Frontier and The Great Society

A powerpoint which looks at the achievements and flaws of Kennedys New Frontier and Johnsons Great Society.

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The New Frontier and
Great Society
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The New Frontier
· John Fitzgerald Kennedy
became president in 1960 and
had a personal vision for
improving life for Americans. He
wanted to tackle the issues of
Poverty, Communism and Civil
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Problems Solutions
Minimum wage
Poverty 1963 tax cuts
Medical care for the Aged Bill
Education Bill
Area Development Act 1961
Increased arms spending
Communism Troops sent to Vietnam
Strategic Hamlets
Civil Rights bill 1963
Discrimination Filling government posts with black
Committee on Equal Employment
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· Kennedy failed to win over Conservative
southern Democrats and Republicans
· His own party wouldn't support him
· Fears over his spending plans
· Seen as too radical
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The Great Society
· Lyndon Baines Johnson became
president after Kennedy's
assassination in November
1963. His vision was to take
Kennedy's reforms even further
and in many ways, carry on
what Kennedy started. He
wanted to end poverty and
discrimination in America.
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"Honeymoon" period after Kennedy's assassination ­ Johnson was a stronger
which enabled him to pass bills easily. politician than Kennedy;
he was better at getting
bills passed by Congress
The liberals
and at drumming up
were against his support for his ideas.
plans to increase
involvement in Johnson brought in
Vietnam. various bills and acts
to try and improve
The conservatives life for all Americans.
in Congress were He wanted to carry
against his plans on what Kennedy had
started, with Civil
to increase
Rights and bringing
spending on an end to poverty.
welfare reforms.
Although he did a lot to improve life for
He was not as popular with Americans in the 60's, he is not looked at
the public as Kennedy was. fondly by historians simply because Kennedy
had been so popular with the people.
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