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The new deal

To provide relief, reform and recovery Roosevelt created the following alphabet agencies from 1933,

The farm credit association (FCA)- relief
Gave loans to a fifth of all farmers so that they would not lose their farms and homes.
The FCA provided relief for farmers and allowed the…

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The CWA was designed as a short term emergency relief scheme to provide as many people as
possible with jobs in the winter of 1933-1934. It provided work for 4 million people on public
projects in that time.
Although the CWA was successful at giving people much needed jobs such…

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Home owners loan corporation- relief and recovery
Loaned money to over 1 million people to stop them from losing their homes and ending up
The intention was to stimulate the housing market and aid it to recover from the depression.

The NRA (national recovery administration) ­ recovery and reform…

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piss and ague gang. In to kill a mockingbird, the books main protagonist is described as being `
the only person to be fired from the WPA for laziness'


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