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THE USA: How successful was the New Deal?
The New Deal

FDR's priorities:
Get American's back to work.
Protect their savings and property.
Provide relief for the sick, old and unemployed.
Get American industry and agriculture back on its feet.

The Hundred Days:
Hundred days after his inauguration FDR worked…

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Tennessee Valley Authority:
TV was a huge area cutting across seven states.
Physical problems ­ flooding in the wet season and drought in the dry season.
Farming land around TV was a dustbowl ­ soil erosion turning the land into desert.
People in the valley lived in poverty ­ no…

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Aggressive man with many friends and enemies.
Assassinated in 1935.
Dr Francis Townsend:
Founded Townsend Clubs ­ campaign for people over 60 to be given $200 a month
provided they would spend it all and stimulate the economy.
Father Coughlin:
Catholic priest.
Set up radio station to attack Roosevelt.

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Industrial Workers:
NRA and Second New Deal strengthened the position of labour unions against the
industrial giants.
FDR's government generally supported trade unions and made large corporations
negotiate with them,
Some labour unions merged to form the Committee for Industrial Organisation (CIO) in
1935 ­ large enough to be…

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Most New Deal agencies aimed to help men (only about 8000 women were involved in
the CCC).
Local governments tried to avoid paying out social security payments to women by
introducing special qualifications and conditions.
Frances Perkins was viciously attacked in the press as a Jew and Soviet spy.…


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