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The Nazi Party 1919-32
Formed in 1919 as DAP (German workers party) by Anton Drexler. Their main views were anger

Communists & socialists - for bringing down Kaiser.
Weimar politicians - agreeing to TofV.
Democracy - for being weak.
Jews - blamed for weakening economy.

Hitler joined in September…

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Hyperinflation, making people miserable. French occupation of Ruhr, made angry. Hitler wanted
to exploit this discontent.
Knew the unrest would soon die down as Stresemann's government was getting on top of the
political/economic problems.
The government was starting to crack down on extremist groups.

On 8 November there was a…

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The country was out of control, chancellor Bruning was ruling by decree, no-one was listening.
People turned to extremist groups.

People were attracted to Nazis:

Working class ­ traditional values, economic propaganda, Workers in the name (seemed like
many others supported them). Not many votes however.
Middle class ­ scared…


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