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The Nature of God…read more

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Nature of God
Omnibenevolence…read more

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What do we learn?
"Immortal, invisible, God only wise.
In light inaccessible hid from our eyes,
Most blessed, most glorious, the Ancient
of Days,
Almighty, Victorious, Thy great name we
(W.Chalmers Smith, 1825 ­ 1908)…read more

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God's Simplicity
"Simple" = The way God is not
changeable and does not have a body /
Augustine ­ God is unchangeable and
so cannot lose or gain anything.
Aquinas ­ God is being / exisiting.…read more

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God Simplicity
Has 2 parts:
1) God is God
Cannot be broken down.
God's nature and God's existence are the
(Ontological argument Anselm claims
existence is a predicate!)…read more

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God Simplicity
2) God is unchanging Davies supports ii)
i) Change involves movement. "If something changeable
God is perfect and so lacks accounted for there being a
nothing. Therefore he is not world in which change
capable of changing into occurs, it would be part of
something else and such a world and could not,
remaining perfect. therefore, account for it."
ii) Only something unchanging
can be the creator of the iii) If God is immaterial as
world that is changing. Aquinas says, so he has no
characteristics. God is simply
God.…read more

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