The Nabucco Gas route

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Nabucco Gas route:
The route of the Nabucco pipeline stretches from Turkey to Austria, crossing Romania, Bulgaria
and Hungary.
Bulgaria section ­ 412km long
Romania section ­ 469km long
Hungary section ­ 384km long
Austria section ­ 47km long
Turkey section ­ 2,581km long
Total length ­ 3,893km long
Some areas of pipeline are following existing pipeline routes so no new areas will have to be
disturbed in order for the pipeline to be built
The gas:
Origin of the gas ­ Iraq
Final destination ­ Austria
Capacity ­ 31 billion cubic metres per year
The pipeline:
The main reason for the construction of the pipeline is to reduce Europe's reliance on Russia for gas
supplies, as it is providing them with more power and their supply is unreliable
Over the next 20 years central and western Europe will have a dramatic decrease in it's energy supply
as the domestic gas production is going to decrease increasing their gas prices
The pipeline is necessary to ensure there is secure supply of gas to keep up with further demand for
gas, it also provides them with another method of attaining the gas
Gas supply is expected to increase from 502 billion cubic metres to 815 billion cubic metres so Russia
alone wouldn't be able to supply the area with enough gas to keep up with the demand
· OMV (Austria)
· MOL (Hungary)
· Transgaz (Romania)


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