The Mysterious Death of Romulus - Livy

I have simplifie the plot into its basic points.

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The Mysterious Death of Romulus ­ Livy
Romulus was holding an assembly in Capra, when suddenly a
storm arose
A great crash of thunder and the king was hidden by a thick cloud
and it removed him from sight
After that Romulus was no longer on Earth
A calm light returned after such a violent spell
The men saw the royal seat was empty and a sad silence was
kept as if they had been orphaned
Romulus was 1) a god born of a god, 2) father of the city of Rome
The people begged for peace through prayers that he would
always protect them
Livy believes that some people thought Romulus was torn apart at
the hands of the senators
This rumour was undercover though because of 1) admiration of
the man, 2) present fear.
Proculus Iulius calmed the people who were hostile towards the
senate and unsettled by the loss of the king as he told them
Romulus came to him
Romulus said 1) Rome should be capital of the world, 2)practice
the art of war, 3) pass this down to their descendants so no human
strength can resist the Romans
Livy finds it remarkable how much trust had been put into the man
who reported this
Grief for the king was lowered as they believed in his immortality


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