The Motor Effect

This is a word document about the motor effect and has literally everything I think we would need to know for the Unit 3 Physics AQA GCSE. I hope this is useful, and for everyone doing the exam on wednesday - best of luck! :)

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Mo t
Unit 3 ii, GCSE

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What is the motor Effect?
If you put two magnets near each other, they will interact
Interact means that the magnets will feel forces on them, as they either repel or attract
A wire which is carrying an electric current has a magnetic field of its own
If this wire is placed in another magnetic field from a permanent magnet (i.e.…read more

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Fleming's Left Hand Rule
You can predict which way the force will act and therefore which way the wire will move using this
1. Using your left hand, point with your first finger in the direction of the field from the permanent
2. Point with your second finger in the direction of the current
3.…read more

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Motor Effect Changes
If we reverse the direction of the current, the magnetic force of the wire reverses, which in turn
means that the force reverses too
If you use an alternating current, the force will constantly be changing direction, so the wire will
be seen as vibrating
The force will increase if the current is increased (because this means that the field around the
wire will be strengthened too)
The stronger the permanent magnets, the stronger the field between them, and so the
stronger…read more

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Parts of the Electric Motor
1. A permanent magnet
2. Armature or rotor
This consists of a thin copper wire coiled around an iron core, hence when electric current
flows it acts as an electromagnet. In the case of a simple motor this is a wire loop.
3. Commutator
A Commutator is a copper ring split in two halves. In a simple electric motor each half is
connected to the ends of the wire loop. In practise they are connected to the axle.
4.…read more

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NOTE: A good website to see animations of how the electric motor and its parts work is…read more


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