The Mole

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The Mole
As atoms are tiny, a quantity of substance must contain a huge number of atoms. These
numbers aren't convenient to work with and so we use moles. The number is chosen so that
1 mole of a substance corresponds to its relative atomic/molecular/formula mass measured
in grams. A mole is thus defined as follows:
`The average mass of an atom of an element compared to 1/12 of the mass of an atom of
Carbon 12.'
The number of particles in one mole of substance is known as Avogadros number: 6.02 x
The number of particles can be calculated by multiplying the number of moles by Avogadros
number. The number of moles can be calculated by dividing the number of particles by
Avogadros number.
Number of particles= number of moles x Avogadros number. (L)
The mass of one mole of a substance is known as the molar mass with the unit
Mass= Molar Mass x Number Of Moles
Mass is measured in grams and molar mass in gmol(-1)
L = Avogadros number
Molar Mass= Mol
Mass = M


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