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Models of memory
The Multi- store model

The Multi- store model (MSM) of memory was proposed by Atkinson and Shiffrin suggests that the
memory is a flow of information through a system in a linear pattern. It consists of 3 distinct
stages which are sensory memory (SM), short- term memory…

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evidence from patients with amnesia indicates that there are different kinds of LTM rather than
the LTM being a single store. Schachter suggested there are 4 kinds of long- term stores which are;
semantic memory, episodic memory, procedural memory and perceptual- representation system
Another criticism of the MSM is…

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Despite its great explanatory power, one of the weakness of the working memory model is that it
does not give adequate explanation for the central executive. The model suggests that the central
executive allocates information which seems to be the same as attention. Many believe it must
sub-divided into different…


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