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The March 11th Japanese
Earthquake and Tsunami
On Friday 11th March 2011, the most powerful earthquake to ever hit Japan was created with a
magnitude of 9. It was the world's largest earthquake since the 2004 Indonesian quake and was
400X more powerful than the Christchurch earthquake. The energy it…

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The Japanese national police agency has confirmed 15,799
deaths, 5,927 injured and 4,041 people missing as well as
over 125,000 buildings damaged or destroyed. Many
people's livelihoods and incomes were destroyed as low
relief agricultural land in Fukushima was destroyed. 4
commuter trains and a passenger ship with…

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ongoing nuclear crisis had a strong impact to the responses of the tsunami as many
agencies were not prepared to enter the region due to suspected radiation leaks.

The Japanese government quickly declared a state of emergency, especially after a cold front
hit a few days after the…


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