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The Point Example Effect
Regular stanza length The use of couplet stanzas creates a sense of fragmentation, which matches the feelings of the soldier's wife as she seeks to understand the man
13 stanzas her husband has become.
Each stanza talks of touching The chronological order follows and reflects the path of the bullet that hit him and the order in which she explores his body. This creates a slow and
another injury EXCEPT LAST
nurturing sense, showing how deeply she loves and cares for him.
Chronological order By presenting a different body part in each stanza, the reader is given the impression of the wife's hands touching and tracing over the injuries
First stanza misleading down his body, starting from his head. It shows how tender she is being and that she knows it hurts him mentally and physically. It also creates
sympathy for the couple; for the soldier as he has had to go through so much pain and the wife for having to watch him go through it whilst feeling
The last stanza explores how their relationship is now.
The first stanza talks about `passionate nights' and `intimate days', which mislead the reader into believing that the poem is about a happy and
loving relationship by setting the tone to be quite happy, however this tone gradually disappears as the wife gradually begins to describe his
emotional and physical injuries, showing how strained their relationship is. Despite this, however, the loving tone does not disappear, only the
happiness in the relationship.
Love and war juxtaposed `And feel the hurt It shows both the physical pain caused by the bullet, as well the emotional pain of the trauma he's been through and the difficulty he's having in
throughout of his grazed heart' trusting, accepting or loving again.
Enjambment throughout `could I bind the Enjambment in each verse shows the movement of the wife's hands exploring the emotional and physical scars her husband has and creates a
Punctuation for effect struts and climb
continuous slow tender pace reflecting the slow healing process he is under-going.
Descriptive the rungs'
Simple and blunt `closed.' The full-stop after `closed', breaks the enjambment within each stanza showing that her husband has put up a barrier between him and his wife
Touching `damaged The descriptiveness of this poem exaggerates and portrays the damage done by the bullet and the war experience but also slows down the pace of
porcelain bone' the poem, showing the tender and loving care his wife is taking of him, trying to understand what he is going through.
`bind the struts' The bluntness of `struts' sound aggressive, caused by the shortness of the vowels. This could reflect either his experience of him being a soldier
`bind', `climb' and the regimented life hhe had to lead, or how broken his body is as compared to the long `i' sound in the words such as `bind' and `climb' which
are used to illustrate the care and tenderness of the wife's gentle actions, words like 'struts' and `ribs' sound contrastingly broken.
Metaphors `foetus of metal' This implies the bullet and the shell shock which is growing inside him and isolating him from everyone else. The imagery of the shell shock
Body imagery `scan'. growing like a `foetus' is created as it is mentioned earlier about a `scan', much like a scan a pregnant woman gets to check the growth of her child.
Repetition `climb the rungs of Creates imagery of her exploring inside his body to get to his heart so she can try to help heal and nurture his emotional pain as well as his
his broken ribs'
physical. `Parachute silk' shows how fragile and delicate his body is.
`parachute silk'
`frozen river' `Frozen river' is used to describe the permanency and insensitivity to feeling his facial scar is, allowing his wife to be able to trace her finger along
`only then' it.
The repetition of `only then' stresses the length of time and patience required by the wife to try to touch and heal her husband.
Rhyming couplets `chest' `rest' This full rhyme shows she has finally reached the source of his pain and the reader is given the sense that it upsets her to think about the incident
Half rhyme `closed' `close', that occurred.
Irregular 'heart' `hurt' The half rhyme used in `closed and `close' at the end of the poem could demonstrate that he is not quite fully healed or shows her acceptance of the
Free verse
fact he may never be completely healed. `hurt' and `heart' could show that the emotional and physical damage he is suffering has left him half the
man he was previously.
The irregular use of rhyme could demonstrate how there are better days than others; the full rhyme indicating the better days e.g. `phase' and
`days' are full rhymes used in the description of their happy days in the first verse and the half rhyme indicating the bad days where little
progress is made in healing his wounds.

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Also the irregular use of rhyme creates a sense of defragmentation, which matches their relationship; fractured.
Sad Comparison After the happy and loving tone created in the first stanza when the wife talks about what they had, a happy and loving relationship, as soon as the
Gentle between the first poem continues we see how fractured their relationship is now and the reader feels sympathy towards this couple and what they have had to gone
Loss stanza and the last through.…read more


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