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Attempts ­ The cases

Main cases (in the sources)


D had an imitation gun, sunglasses and a threatening
note in his pocket outside of a post office. Because he
hadn't actually done anything illegal he could NOT BE
CONVICTED even though it was clear what his intention

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Jones (1990)

D bought a shotgun, loaded it, found V, got into
his car and pointed the gun at him. V grabbed
the gun and managed to throw it out of the car
window. D was CONVICTED because if V had
not thrown the gun, he would have been shot…

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D was on `bad terms' with his wife so hooked
up the bath so that it would administer a huge
shock to her while she was in the bath. He did
not realize however that the bath was
porcelain and so did not conduct electricity.
When she touched the metal…


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