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The Little Ice Age

What is the Little Ice Age and when was it?
The Little Ice Age is a period between 1300-1870 during which, Europe and North
America were subjected to much colder winters than in the 20th century.

What was the climate like?
The climatic change can be…

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Volcanic Activity During the Little Ice Age, there are records showing that this was
a period of numerous volcanic eruptions. As the volcanoes
erupted they spit particles and gases into the air, which leads to
the aerosol effect. The aerosol effect is when the sulfur dioxide
from the volcanic eruption…

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Draw up a table for evidence of the Little Ice Age.
Evidence Explanation

Modern scientific data. - Temperatures, ice cores, tree rings and ice delivered
debris on ocean floor.
- These can all tell us about the climate in a certain
period. The wide rings on tree rings show a…


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