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Examine the influence that luxury and asceticism had on the subsequent life and teachings of the
Buddha. (25)

When considering the effect of luxury and asceticism had on the life and teachings of the Buddha,
there are many things that should be taken into account. Firstly, some people would argue…

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He also remembers his past lives, which are known as the Jataka tales. This event is
particularly important when looking at the influences on his teachings as it is this episode in his
life which triggered his teachings about Karma and Samara, the endless cycle of birth, death
and rebirth.…

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Further archaeological evidence includes the Lumbini garden, this is where it is believed Buddha was
born. This is a common site which is visited by many Buddhists who travel to India on
pilgrimage. To Buddhists this is a very special and sacred place.

In 249 BC, when the Emperor Ashoka…


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