the life of the buddha

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There was a prediction he would be a great king or
The life of the Buddha religious leader. The conception was marked by
Conception (1) earthquakes. Conceived through a dream where a white
elephant entered the queens side.
She gave birth standing up, the baby came from her side
The life of the Buddha with no blood or birth waters. It was marked by
Physical Birth (2) earthquakes. He took 4 steps in the points of the
compass which symbolized word spreading. The king
shielded him from triggers of spiritual yearning.
He was endeared by everyone and was good at
The life of the Buddha everything. He was able to naturally fall into meditation
Accomplishment in worldly under a rose apple tree at the ploughing festival. The
shadow of the tree did not move.
skills (3)
He had the best teachers which gave him 1:1 tuition.
The life of the Buddha Lived a life of luxury to satisfy him with life as a prince.
His youth: a life of pleasure He married well and had a son. However, wealth and
luxury are impermanent.
and indulgence (4)
Following 4 trips from the palace where he encountered
The life of the Buddha old age, sickness, death and an ascetic, he decided to
Leaving the palace (5) leave the palace to find a solution to human suffering.
Complacency cuts people off from the nature and
meaning of life. It was an existential realism.
Realizes that denying the body it's needs is not what it
The life of the Buddha takes. There has to be some middle ground.
Life as an ascetic (6)

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The forces of desire and death. Overcoming all physical
The life of the Buddha desires. He turned anger into compassion. Desire sent
Victory over Mara (7) by Mara was resisted also.
4 watches
The life of the Buddha 1. Process of rebirth
Enlightenment (8) 2. Karma
3. Causality
4. Omniscience
Spent 45 years teaching which were passed on by word
The life of the Buddha of mouth before being written down.…read more

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Was explained that you cannot escape old age,
The life of the Buddha sickness and death. It is the first time he encounters
The four sights reality.
"The four sights are non literal. It should be treated as
The life of the Buddha allegory. It is not plausible for a 29 year old to grow up
Richard Gombrich without realizing that suffering is an inescapable factor
of life. They represent the moment they happened to
him.…read more

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An example that we can achieve enlightenment.
The life of the Buddha
How people view the A moral and spiritual exemplar
Buddha Someone to admire
Monument site of rebirth of Buddhism.
The life of the Buddha
Where Buddha lived and taught.…read more

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To take parents on pilgrimage is the best karma
The life of the Buddha To sense the faith
Why do Buddhists go on To gain understanding
To achieve self-fulfilment
pilgrimage To feel closer to Buddha
To achieve a lifelong ambition
Closer to Buddha
The life of the Buddha More self confidence
How you feel after Gained/ strengthened friendships
New life
pilgrimage Become a happier, stronger person
Able to reflect on life and what it's all about
Was a mass murderer.…read more

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Buddha taught bravery, was non discriminate,
The life of the Buddha courageous and fearless. Not all humans are bad. Some
Angulimala- what we learn are good. Cultivation of compassion.
about Buddha
Everyone is capable of enlightenment
The life of the Buddha
Sunita- essential message
He believes in equality and inclusion
The life of the Buddha
Sunita- what we learn
about Buddha
Any human can be like Buddha but you have to want to
The life of the Buddha change.…read more


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