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There was a prediction he would be a great king or
The life of the Buddha religious leader. The conception was marked by
Conception (1) earthquakes. Conceived through a dream where a white
elephant entered the queens side.

She gave birth standing up, the baby came from her side

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The forces of desire and death. Overcoming all physical
The life of the Buddha desires. He turned anger into compassion. Desire sent
Victory over Mara (7) by Mara was resisted also.

4 watches
The life of the Buddha 1. Process of rebirth
Enlightenment (8) 2. Karma
3. Causality
4. Omniscience…

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Was explained that you cannot escape old age,
The life of the Buddha sickness and death. It is the first time he encounters
The four sights reality.

"The four sights are non literal. It should be treated as
The life of the Buddha allegory. It is not plausible for a…

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An example that we can achieve enlightenment.
The life of the Buddha
How people view the A moral and spiritual exemplar

Buddha Someone to admire

Monument site of rebirth of Buddhism.
The life of the Buddha

Where Buddha lived and taught.
The life of the Buddha

Where Siddhartha…

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To take parents on pilgrimage is the best karma
The life of the Buddha To sense the faith
Why do Buddhists go on To gain understanding
To achieve self-fulfilment
pilgrimage To feel closer to Buddha
To achieve a lifelong ambition

Closer to Buddha
The life of the Buddha More self…

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Buddha taught bravery, was non discriminate,
The life of the Buddha courageous and fearless. Not all humans are bad. Some
Angulimala- what we learn are good. Cultivation of compassion.

about Buddha
Everyone is capable of enlightenment
The life of the Buddha
Sunita- essential message

He believes in equality and inclusion…


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