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Liberals and the War.

Initial reaction:
· Based on the idea of laissez faire, the initial reaction of the Liberal government was to do
very little different in terms of leading Britain in the war.
· Essentially the govt. believed in non ­ interference, and allowing people to continue as…

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· The weekly reports it demanded estimated that that shell production increased from 70,000
per month in May to 120,000 in September, to 238,000 in January 1916.

· Ll G was obviously a success, and certainly knew the weaknesses that Kitchener allowed.
· Ll G recognised the effectiveness of…

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· As soon as he was Prime Minister Ll G began to run the war as a dictatorship. Historian
K.O. Morgan said "Ll G's war premiership was without parallel in British history. No previous
Pm has ever exercised power in so sweeping and dominating manner".
· There are 2 views:…

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· 60% of foods were imported and nearly all staple food grain and sugar ­ yet it was `business
as usual' in the high street.
· Having taken shipping of the Admiralty he was able to get more ships built (by 1918 3
million tons a year).
· It also…


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