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Green Paper:
A green paper is issued when the government wishes to hear from those interested
in an area of law that is planning to be changed or even be made. First process is public
consultation. It gets feedback from public and many choose to…

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The Second Reading:
The main aims of the Bill are read out and then main debates take place on the
proposal in the Bill usually in the House of Commons. Members of parliament discuss
debate and test the Bills strengths and weaknesses. Then there is another vote at the end…

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It informs the public and gets them involved in law making through the process of
Green paper and White paper.

The legislative process is very long and time consuming it takes on Bills
several months to go through the stages required in both Houses of parliament
The Bill could…

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possibly for a new parliament to come in to power and withdraw from the European Union.
But this is very unlikely as because politically and realistically makes it very unlikely.
Being apart of the EU has many effect on the English legal system meaning that their
law has priority over…

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Just because parliament gave away power does not mean that responsibility is given
away to. At the end of the day, Government picks up the blame is thing go wrong. It is
therefore keen to monitor as closely delegate legislation in number of different ways.

Scrutiny Committee:
The job of…

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Statutory interpretation:
Statutory interpretation means making sense of word which are used in Acts of
Parliament that have problems with their meanings or are unclear, it is the courts job to find
out how parliament intended the law to be interpreted and applied.

Ambiguity of language:
Ambiguity of language means…

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Gives judges the chance to choose the result which would be the less bizarre and

If a judge thinks of the rule ad being bizarre because they perhaps do not like the
law then they may then see absurdities that perhaps do not even…


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