The Lady of the House of Love - Quotes

Important quotations from "The Lady of the House of Love"; a short story in Angela Carter's "The Bloody Chamber and Other Stories."

If you want me to do a document analysing and explaining these quotes and showing how they can be applied to any question, send me a message!

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The Lady of the House of Love
"the peasants abandoned the village... into the possession of subtle and vindictive
"manifest their presences by shadows... too many shadows"
"derelict bedroom"
"the traveller unwise enough"
"fountain in the square that sill gushes spring water"
"the beautiful somnambulist helplessly perpetuates her ancestral crimes"
"queen of the vampires sits all alone..."
"under the eyes... of her demented and atrocious ancestors"
"the perennial sadness of a girl who is both death and the maiden"
"distant sonorities, like reverberations in a cave"
"place of annihilation"
"she is a system of repetitions, she is a closed circuit."
"the bars of the cage"
"plucked heartstrings of a woman of metal"
"Her hair falls down like tears"
"Closely barred shutters..."
"neglected roof"
"Depredations of rot and fungus everywhere."
"... the mistress of all this disintegration notices nothing"
"she likes to hear it announce how it cannot escape."
"Her beauty is a symptom of her disorder, her soullessness"
"The white hands of the tenebrous belle deal the hand of destiny."
"last bud of the poison tree"
"tears of pearl"
"a white lace negligee stained with a little blood"
"hereditary commandant of the army of shadows"
"In her dream, she would like to be human"
"always shows the same configuration; always she turns up... wisdom, death,
"her keeper lets her out"
"This garden... bears a strong resemblance to a burial ground"
"a huge spiked wall that incarcerates her in the castle of her inheritance"
"she drops, now, on all fours... she catches the scent of her prey."
"she resorts to the magic comfort of the Tarot pack..."
"a future which is irreversible"
"her horrible reluctance for the role"
"now she is a woman, she must have men."
"small cry of both pain and disgust"

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He has the special quality of virginity"
"He is also rational"
"Les Amoureux... never before has the Countess cast herself a fate involving love."
"the first time, dealt herself a hand of love and death"
"a blast of rich, faintly corrupt sweetness"
"lightless, cavernous interior"
"the fragility of the skeleton of a moth"
"a hereditary affliction of the eyes"
"I do not mean to hurt you"
"She herself is a haunted house."
"she hovers in no-man's land between life and death"
"Suivez-moi. Je vous attendais.…read more


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