The Lady of The House of Love

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The Lady of the House of Love
A village is the home to a vampire countess, the village has been abandoned
as the vampires have taken control, any person who stops at the village
water fountain would be taken to her castle and given to the countess. The
countess wishes to be human, but is stuck in her role as vampire; she
continually refers to her tarot cards. A soldier is found by the vampires help
and taken to her castle, but he is not swayed by the beauty of the countess,
but instead feels pity towards her condition, and it is quickly addressed that
the soldier is to be the countess' dinner that night, this seen in the
intertextaul reference to jack and the bean stalk. The countess sees in her
mind how she will eat this solider but when it comes to the actual event she
fails. He helps her to transform into being a human, but at the cost of her life,
and when he awakes the next morning she is dead, and so he leaves to
re-join his regiment and takes with him but a single rose from her garden
which continues to bloom.
The beautiful somnambulist helplessly perpetuates her ancestral crimes
Queen of vampires
Under the eyes...of her demented and atrocious ancestors
Both death and the maiden
She is a close circuit
Plucked heartstrings of a woman of metal
Depredations of rot and fungus everywhere
The mistress of all this disintegration notices nothing
Her beauty is a symptom of her disorder, of her soullessness
Last bud of poison tree that sprang from the loins of Vlad the impaler
Her white négligé stained a little with blood
She is the hereditary commandant of the army
In her dreams, she would like to be human
The magic comfort of the tarot pack
Horrible reluctance for the role
Now she is a woman, she must have men
He has the special quality of virginity
He is also so rational
Reveal both love and death

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Skeleton of a moth
She was the chatelaine of all this decay
A hereditary affliction of the eyes
She hovers over, no man's land between life and death
He will learn to shudder in the trenches.…read more

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