The Labour party 1951-64

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The Labour party 1951-64
Attlee resigned after Eden has come into power due to the defeat and was replaced by
Gaitskell who beat Bevan and Morrison
Gaitskell did his best to reunite the party and the outcome convinced many Bevanites such as
Wilson to make peace with him
Wilson was rewarded with the post of shadow Chancellor
Period of infighting
Even their greatest leader Gaitskell could not stop the fighting as there were internal
Once Attlee resigned the party was split left and right
Left wanted the party to be a fully-fledged socialist party, led by Bevan (called the
Bevanites) and were strongly influenced by communism
Many such as Foot believed in unilateralism
Divisions between pubic school boys such as Crossman and a new breed of grammar school
educated members such as Wilson and Castle
Right was centred around Gaitskell and Morrison, wanted to limit trade union influence and
keep the special relation with the US, protect the political consensus


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