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Krebs Cycle
Helena Bonici…read more

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TCA ­ Krebs Cycle
This was first formed by Hans Krebs ­ a British biochemist.
It occurs in the matrix of the mitochondria.
It is a series of oxidation-reduction reactions.
Another name for it is: tricarboxyclic acid cycle or TCA.…read more

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Link Reaction
Pyruvate + NAD + CoA acetyl CoA + NAD-H + CO2
The pyruvate is oxidised as it loses its H.
The H is accepted by the NAD to reduce it.
An acetyl group forms and combines with CoA.
CO2 is formed from each pyruvate group.…read more

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Krebs Cycle Step 1
Acetyl CoA + C4 molecule C6 molecule
The acetyl CoA exists from the link reaction.…read more

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Krebs Cycle Step 2
C6 molecule 2CO2 + H + C4 molecule+ ATP
The ATP is a result of substrate-level phosphorylation.…read more

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Krebs Cycle Step 3
C4 molecule + acetyle CoA C6 molecule
It is a repetition of step 1 again.…read more

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