The Key features of the MSM

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Katie Bowdery
Outline the key features of the Multi-Store model
The multi-store model (MSM) has three main compartments that the memories can flow through. The
first is `Sensory Memory' (SM) whereby the environment stimulates a reaction or memory i.e the
smell of a cake. This then can move through to the `Short Term Memory' (LTM) where it is held for a
short period of time. The final section of the MSM is the `Long Term Memory' (LTM). The LTM has the
biggest capacity, but the MSM shows that it still has a limit to the amount of information and/or
memories that can be held.
Another feature of the MSM is that it shows how memories can move from the STM to the LTM; by
repetition or rehearsal. This forces the memory to be relocated into the LTM and rehearsal of the
information keeps it there and retrieval allows it to move back into the short term memory enough
to allow it to be used.
A final feature of the MSM is the different ways that information/memories can be discarded from
any section of the memory (SM, STM or LTM). The majority of information that passes through the SM
will decay straight away (deteriorated and is no longer relevant). This is only unless the information
makes enough impact that you pay attention to it. The information in the STM can also be discarded
through decay but also displacement (when a memory is replaced with another one). LTM has the
most ways of losing the memory, Decay, displacement and retrieval failure. If the memory is in the
LTM but is not able to be brought back to the STM then it won't be remembered.
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