The Key Cold War Dates

All the dates needed for the Cold War exam, Section 1: How did the Cold War Develop and the Section 2: The Three Cold War Crisis'

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The Cold War Dates
Tehran Conference 1943
Yalta Conference 4-11 February 1945
Potsdam Conference 1945
First Atomic Bomb July 1945
Iron Curtain Speech 1946
The Long Telegram 1946
The Novikovs Telegram 1946
End of Grand Alliance 1946
Truman Doctrine 1947
The Marshall Plan 1947
Cominform 1947
Comecon 1949
Currency of Trizona 1948
Berlin Blockade 1948-49
End of The Berlin Blockade May 1949
NATO 1949
Warsaw Pact 1955
Stalins Death 1953
Nikita Khrushchev 1956
Invasion of Hungary November 1956
Nagys Execution 1958
Khrushchev's Challenge November 1958
Paris Summit May 1960
John Kennedy 1960
The Berlin Wall 12 August 1961
Launch of Sputnik 1 1957
Cuba overthrew the American government 1959
The Bays of Pigs April 1961
Missile bases in Cuba August 1961
Thirteen Days 16-28 October 1961
Naval Blockade 20 October
Both sides are told to prepare for War 25 October
American spy plane is shot down 27 October
Turkey and Cuba Missile Bases are withdrew 28 October
Equal in Arms race 1965
France left NATO 1966
Hotline June 1963
The Limited Test Ban Treaty August 1963
Alexander Dubcek 1968
Krushchev tries to talk Dubcek out of his reforms April-July
Invasion of Czechoslovakia 20 August 1968
Moscow Protocol 1968

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Outer Space Treaty 1967
Nuclear Non Proliferation 1968
SALT 1 1972
The Melsinki Conference 1975
Apollo-Soyuz Mission 1975…read more


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