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the Kalam arguement notes...useful for those following the AS RS philosphy of religion Topic 1

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Summary of the Kalam argument
Kalam argument
kalam argument is an argument from the existence of the world or universe
to the existence of God. The existence of the universe, such arguments
claim, stands in need of explanation.
The only adequate explanation, the arguments suggest, is that it was
created by God.
The Kalam Argument logical structure (classic)
Everything that has a beginning of its existence has a cause of its
The universe has a beginning of its existence.
Therefore:The universe has a cause of its existence.
If the universe has a cause of its existence then that cause is God.
Therefore:God exists
Criticisms of the Kalam arguement

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The crucial premise of the kalam cosmological argument, then, is the
second: "The universe has a beginning of its existence". How do we know
that the universe has a beginning of its existence? Might not the universe
stretch back in time into infinity, always having existed? The proponent of
the kalam cosmological argument must show that this cannot be the case if
his argument is to be successful.
claim that it is impossible that the universe has an infinite past.…read more

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Craig argued that if the universe did not have a beginnning, then the past
consists of evenrts that is actually infinite and not potenitally infinite .…read more

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Explaination of the KCM
Leibneiz`s principle of suficcient reasoning
Leibneiz developed an argument for a suficcient reason which gives
additional support to Aquinas argument for rejecting infintie regress
(second way)
Leibneiz accepted the cosmological argument because he believed
that there had to be a suficcient reason for the existance of the
He rejected infinite regress becausebecause he didn't believe that this
would be enough/stisfactory reason for the universe to exist.…read more


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