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Summary of the Kalam argument

Kalam argument
kalam argument is an argument from the existence of the world or universe
to the existence of God. The existence of the universe, such arguments
claim, stands in need of explanation.
The only adequate explanation, the arguments suggest, is that it was

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The crucial premise of the kalam cosmological argument, then, is the
second: "The universe has a beginning of its existence". How do we know
that the universe has a beginning of its existence? Might not the universe
stretch back in time into infinity, always having existed? The proponent of

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Craig argued that if the universe did not have a beginnning, then the past
consists of evenrts that is actually infinite and not potenitally infinite .
Craig doesn't accept this idea because this would mean that the past events
form a collection ofevents (for example there would be just as…

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personal being that existed outside time to start the process of creation and
willed the universe into existence

Explaination of the KCM
Leibneiz`s principle of suficcient reasoning

Leibneiz developed an argument for a suficcient reason which gives
additional support to Aquinas argument for rejecting infintie regress
(second way)…


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