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War & Peace
The Concept of a Just War…read more

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· The earliest Christians were pacifists believing
that Jesus' commandment to `love thy neighbour'
prohibits the use of warfare as a way of settling
conflict. The teaching of agape is fundamental to
this understanding.
· The early Christian Church experienced many
centuries of persecution and throughout this time
refused to fight back. This led Tertullian to
declare, "The blood of the martyrs is the seed of
the church".…read more

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From Pacifism to the Crusades
· When Constantine made Christianity the official
religion of the Roman Empire (312CE) the Church
found it difficult to maintain its pacifist stance and
the concept of a Holy War was born.
· The Crusades represent the epitome of this view.
They were a series of wars fought in 11th & 12th
centuries over religious and political ideals against
the Muslims in the Holy Land.…read more

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Concerns over the Holy War
· From the beginning of the Christian state
there have been concerns over when it is
right to fight and when it is not.
· Confusion over whether the NT message of
pacifism was realistic in a fallen world and
whether Jesus' commandment to `love thy
neighbour' required us to fight concerned
the church.…read more

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· 334 ­ 440
· When it is right to engage in war (jus ad
bellum) & How wars should be fought (jus
in bello)
· 2 conditions to justify going to war:
­ Legitimate authority
­ Just Cause…read more

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· 1224 ­ 1274
· Added Right Intention…read more

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