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The July Days + The Kornilov Affair
Jenna Walker…read more

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July Days (outline)
· 3-7 July 1917
· Soldiers & industrial workers took part in
spontaneous demonstrations in Petrograd
· Bolsheviks tried to give leadership
· Military fired on the peaceful protestors and
repressed the Bolsheviks
· Lenin fled; other leaders arrested
· Temporary decline in Bolshevik power…read more

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· Military failures ­ failure of June Offensive,
desertions, declining morale
· Political opposition ­ formation of Provisional
Revolutionary Committee
· Demonstrations ­ approx 50,000 people,
outside Tauride palace
· Military support ­ regiments joined protestors…read more

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Military Failures ­ The June Offensive
· Attacked Austro-German forces
· Planned by minister of war ­ Kerensky
· Proved that Russian army had disintegrated & the
provisional government failed to see the need for a
· Soldiers refused to leave their trenches to fight
· Austrians and Germans launched a counteroffensive
and pushed Russians back to the Zbruch river
· Provisional government feared a rise in support for the
· Kerensky appointed Kornilov as commander-IC ­ massive
on discipline…read more

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Political Opposition ­ Provisional
Revolutionary Committee
· Mensheviks & Social Revolutionaries
· In an attempt for Kerensky to regain his left-
wing support
· Bolsheviks were controlling the soviets
· So Kerensky's authority was undermined…read more

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Demonstrations & Military Support
· 16th July 1917
· Spontaneous
· Instigated by the soldiers of the 1st machine-gun
· Other regiments joined them
· "All Power to the Soviets"
· Military authorities send troops out against the
peaceful demonstrators
· 19th July 1917: Lenin's arrest ordered by provisional
government ­ Lenin is forced to flee to Finland…read more

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very helpful, I was grey in this area and your presentation helped a lot. Thanks.

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